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User Setup

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The first setup to check before you start using Astral Send is the User Setup. Unless they have SUPER permissions, all users requiring access to Astral Send will need the Astral Send permission set adding to their permissions. A user with SUPER permissions will need to do this.

In the search bar enter “Users” and select it from the list:

Astral Send Business Central Users Search.img

Figure 1 | Business Central Users Search

On the User list page select the User who requires the Astral Send permission set:

Astral Send User Setup.img

Figure 2 | User Setup

On the User Card, go to the User Permission Sets FastTab. Either type directly or use the Assist Edit button to find the required Permission Set “Astral Send”:

Astral Send User Card.img

Figure 3 | User Card

If you click on the Assist Edit button, the Permission Set Lookup page will open. On here, select the required Permission Set “Astral Send” (1) and click on “OK” (2):

Astral Send Permission Set Lookup Page.img

Figure 4 | Permission Set Lookup Page

Now, on the User Card, under the User Permission Sets FastTab, you will see the added Permission Set “Astral Send”:

Astral Send User Card.img

Figure 5 | User Card