Astral Send - Help:

Additional Sandbox Setup Only

This additional setup is ONLY required when installing the Astral Send extension in a sandbox environment. The parameter ‘Allow HttpClient Requests’ need to be switched on in the sandbox environment, as this is switched off by default when installing an extension in a sandbox environment.

In the search bar enter “Extensions” and select it from the list:

Astral Send Search.img

Figure 1 | Extensions Search

In the Extension list, find the “Astral Send” extension (1), click on the three dots next to the Description (2), and select Configure (3):

Installed Extensions Page.img

Figure 2 | Installed Extensions Page

In the Extension Settings window of Astral Send, turn on “Allow HttpClient Requests”, by toggling it on:

Astral Send Extension Settings.img

Figure 3 | Astral Send Extension Settings