Astral eversign - Help:

Sign Up & Install

To sign up for Astral eversign use the button on the product page "Get it now!" This will re-direct you to a sign up page on the eversign website.

eversign Sign Up.img

Figure 1 | eversign Sign Up

You will see at the top of the dialog box it will say "Astral 365: $1/Document Pay-As-You-Go" this means that your are purchasing through Astral 365.

Fill in the boxes as required and click "Proceed".

Enter your details again in the "ACCOUNT" dialog box and click "Proceed".

Fill In Account Details.img

Figure 2 | Fill in Account Details

Next, fill in the details for the "BUSINESS" section.

NOTE: a Vanity URL is a long URL that is converted into a customised short link.

When finished, click "Start using eversign".

Fill In Business Details.img

Figure 3 | Fill in the Business Details

Your account will be created and you will be redirected to your account on the eversign website. A confirmation email is sent which you will need to use to confirm your setup before proceeding.

eversign Subscription Dashboard.img

Figure 4 | eversign Subscription

Once you have confirmed your account you will be able to access your Dashboard, where you can keep track of documents and edit your signature.

eversign Dashboard.img

Figure 5 | eversign Dashboard

To connect your eversign account to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, navigate to the left hand navigation, and select "Developer".

Developer Page.img

Figure 6 | Navigate to the Developer Page

Here you will see your personalised, unique, "API Access Key" and "Business ID".

API Key and Business ID.img

Figure 7 | API Access Key & Business ID

Open Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and click on the search bar icon and type in "Astral eversign".

Select "Astral eversign Setup" and a box will open.

Copy and paste your API Access Key in to the "API Key" box, then do the same with the Business ID.

Link Astral eversign to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.img

Figure 8 | Link to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will automatically save the details, so when you are finished simply navigate out.

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