Astral Send - Help:

Setup Customer Email for all Astral Send Reports

By default, Astral Send uses the email address configured on the Customer, Vendor or Contact cards. However, it is possible to configure additional or alternative addresses using Astral Send.

In the search bar enter “Customers” and select it from the list:

Astral Send Business Central Customers Search.img

Figure 1 | Business Central Customers Search

On the Customer List page, select a customer (1), click on “Process” (2) in the ribbon and select “Customer Document Rules” (3):

Customer List Page.img

Figure 2 | Customer List Page

In the Astral Send Source No. Rules screen, on the blank line, enter only the email address in the “E-mail” field (1):

Astral Send Source No. Rules Screen.img

Figure 3 | Astral Send Source No. Rules Screen

The other fields (2) will be populated automatically once the email address has been entered.

Now all emails will be sent to the new recipient address.