Astral Send - Help:

Adding an HTML Email Footer for Outgoing Emails

In the search bar enter “Astral Send Setup” and select it from the list:

Business Central Search - Astral Send Setup.img

Figure 1 | Business Central Search - Astral Send Setup

On the Astral Send Setup page ribbon, click on “Actions” (1), “HTML Mail Footer” (2) and then “Import HTML footer file” (3):

Astral Send Setup.img

Figure 2 | Astral Send Setup

A new dialogue window will open. Click on “Choose”:

Dialogue Window.img

Figure 3 | Dialogue Window

In the new window, select your HTML footer that you would like to upload and click on “Open”:

Select HTML Footer.img

Figure 4 | Select HTML Footer

Once the HTML footer has been imported, you will get a confirmation message, click on “OK”:

Confirmation Message.img

Figure 5 | Confirmation Message

The HTML footer has now been imported and will be added to all outgoing emails sent using Astral Send automatically.